If you’re planning a party or a wedding, we can record the special moments with you in the starring role. When you’re the host, it’s easy to miss the detail. We can capture the mood, the speeches, your guests’ sentiments and messages, and anything else that marks your celebration as the unique event it is.


You may recall events in your life that you want your family to know about, to prevent them being lost over time.  It may be about your ancestors or to highlight an important chapter in the history of your life.    

If you store your holiday photographs on your computer, chances are you don't see them very often. Why not have us create a simple photo book for each of your favourite places? They take up a lot less space than photo albums and you can leave them out on your coffee table as an attractive feature.

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 What we do


We create books to help you relive special events in your life, not just in photographic form but in words. We can take on the role of storyteller, writing in a style of your choice, or work with your words. We can include any images you choose to supply, using our editing expertise to ensure they are of top quality.  If you need further content, we can take photographs or source material for you.

If all you want is a photo book to remind you of a favourite holiday or party, we can put it together for you.