The Journal -  writing your thoughts or holiday activities as a diary under specific dates

Products & prices

Obviously, you are the person who determines what we refer to as the product. However, we have created some names for our popular styles:

The Celebratory - capturing your unique celebrations as they happen or after the event

With a bespoke service, it's difficult to quote prices, but here is a guide:

The Newspaper - presenting snapshots of your life as if they were in a newspaper

The Magazine -  livening up your stories to produce a fun softback magazine 

The Chronicle - recording historical events, a chapter of your life or a full life story

We show you the range of presentation options and you pick one that suits your theme. If you'd like help with the words, you choose the writing style, tense and voice - every word we write must be a reflection of you. We can use your photographs and cuttings or take/source some for you.  You tell us whether you'd prefer hardback or softback and together we work out the ideal size and shape.

Choice of book sizes - centimetres (inches)

Small square           18 x 18 (7 x 7)                                                 From £85        

Large square           30 x 30 (12 x 12)                                            From £200

Landscape               25 x 20 (10 x 8)                                              From £150

Large landscape     33 x 28 (14 x 11)                                            From £200

Portrait                    20 x 25 (8 x 10)                                               From £150

Magazine                22 x 28 (8.5 x 11)  softback only                   From £95

Novel                      13 x 20 (5.5 x 8)                                                From £50

Choice of paper finish -

Matt, semi-matt, uncoated and gloss paper of 89-190 GSM in various colours. We can advise you on quality, which depends upon illustrative content. Dust jackets, made from heavier paper, are available for some book sizes.

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The Photo book -  reproducing your photographs from a special event or holiday

The Novel - publishing your words and helping you to market it to a wider audience